Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stickyfingerz Outlet???

Hey all! I am very pleased to inform all of my Birmingham followers that Stickyfingerz now has a space inside Peddlers from the Past in Alabaster. Coming from Birmingham, take a right off of the Alabaster exit on 65-S and peddlers is about half a mile down on the right. It's a red building with lots of goodies outside(wrought iron, old doors, windows, etc.)
Yes, this is an antique shop, and it is a great opportunity for me to provide you with some unique items that I am not able to offer in bulk online. I am working on some distressed furniture pieces, hairbows, picture frames, and several tshirts at an "outlet" price. For example, I have 2 shirts in there right now that are normally $20 but lucky for you my machine decided to skip a couple stitches on them. Hardly noticeable but now only $5!
We are just getting started and have just a few things right now, but check in periodically! I go in at least twice a week to add new items!!!

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